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Providing third party solutions for Terramodel

Welcome to the TmlStore!
We are devoted to providing quality products and services to Terramodel users.

 DataPrep Tmls and more

Services and Products we offer:

Tml Commands
There are many commands that Terramodel users need, that are not currently available within the current version of Terramodel. We are aware of many of these needs, please check our list of available products periodically to see if we have already developed a solution that will save you valuable production time. If there is a non-existent command that you feel Terramodel users will find useful, please submit a suggestion and we will try to add it to our library of available tmls.

Custom Programming
We can create custom Terramodel commands to streamline your engineering and surveying production. Many of the commands that we have developed for clients like you, turn a series of monotonous, error prone, time-consuming steps from hours of work into seconds. Saving your firm a substantial amount of money. From reports in the exact format needed, to very specific computations and editing operations tailored to your specifications. We design custom labeling commands that create professional plans in the format required by individual municipalities. Have you tried to implement CADD standards in your office? We can write custom commands that create data the way you need it, the first time, without editing after the fact. Terramodel is an awesome tool for civil engineering, surveying and construction. Even with the thousand or so commands within Terramodel, there are still commands that are needed, or ones that donít quite do precisely what you need. We are here to help you utilize Terramodel to the fullest.

If you have ever wished that command in Terramodel that would make your job or project easier, faster and more error free, let us know. We are here to make Terramodel users more productive!

We can create or customize Report Definition Files (.rdf), linetype files (.lin), and many other Terramodel format files to your needs.

Consulting Services
We can help with your project development. If you have a specific task that you need to get done right away, we can help. We can show you faster ways to accomplish your tasks, find other Terramodel professionals that can help you finish your jobs before a deadline, or develop solutions to unusual problems. We offer limited training and support for Terramodel, Terravista, and TML. If we cannot do it ourselves, we can find someone who can. The training services that we offer are very specific to your needs, and generally require prior in-depth knowledge of Terramodel on your part.


Fees and Services

 Custom programming - $125.00 per hour based on estimated time of completion.
 Consulting services - $125.00 per hour (one hour minimum).
 Onsite consulting/training - Call for a quote.
 Advanced technical support - $125.00 per call (one hour maximum).

For more information please call us at (909) 797-9374

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