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Quickly creates spot elevation points.

3dPt.tml will:
  • Quickly place elevations points
  • Allow user to assign elevations to points by selecting text objects
  • Save you time
  • Prevent typing errors


If you have spot elevation text, use 3dPt.tml to create 3D points with the elevation of the spot elevation text by selecting the text without having to type the elevation. This will prevent typing errors and save time creating points.

How to use 3dPt.tml

After downloading 3dPt.* to the Terramodel installation folder\Terramodel\tmls folder, open a Terramodel project and type 3dpt at the command line and press the < enter > key.


You will see the following:


Select a location for the point. Point snaps are available with a right-mouse click. If an existing point is selected, the elevation will be changed to the selected elevation.

Type an elevation or better yet, pick the elevation text representing the elevation of the point.

Programmer's Note:

This is a quick command to enter points.

For more information please call us at (909) 797-9374

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