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Layout3D - Draw 3D objects

Layout3D can draw complete three-dimensional objects such as curb & gutter, sidewalks and walls even through curves by only entering the necessary information very quickly and easily. Layout3D uses the same powerful concepts that the InsertZ, , Set2Bl , and Set2Bl commands use to draw accurate three-dimensional models from information commonly found on construction plans.

Layout3D can be used to very simply create a 3D set from point to point or even through three-point or tangent arcs. Other features such as interpolating between defined elevations to assign unknown elevations, converting arcs into 3D chords for use as breaklines, and generating multiple 3D offsets automatically can be accomplished amazingly fast with this command.

Documentation for this command is available online.


 Quick Facts
 Developed by: Hamilton Programming
 Version: 1.1
 Date added: 17 Jun 2002
 License: $350  
 Minimum requirements: Terramodel versions 9.6 or higher

For more information please call us at (909) 797-9374

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