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Machine Control Data Prep TMLS

Until now assigning elevations to two-dimensional contours or design lines has been extremely time consuming prone to many errors. This package of twelve commands for Terramodel makes the task of converting 2d drawings to 3D models fast and simple and you save 40% compared to the individual prices of the commands by purchasing them all at once.

2D Contours:

AssignZ - This package of five commands assigns elevations to 2d contours by reading the contour labels and assigning elevations based on the labels. Intermediate contours can be assigned elevations by interpolating between the contours with elevations and assigning the unknown elevations. These two commands can automatically assign more than 80% of the contours in a project. The remaining contours can be assigned elevations by striking a line across several contours and spreading the elevations along the lines or picking them individually.

Creating a DTM from contours

BuildDtm filters and converts 3d contour lines into sets for use in a DTM. The command can also extract elevations from spot elevation text or blocks on multiple layers. BuildDtm does not use the "Tube method" of filtering like the Terramodel Filter command does. The Filter command creates an enormous number of points that are not needed for a model and quickly fill up memory limitations unnecessarily. Build Dtm uses the maximum distance between points and the maximum deviation from the original line to do the filtering. What you are left with is a model with more accuracy and about one forth the number of points generated by the Filter command that comes with Terramodel.

JoinPl joins multiple plines based on desired criteria. You can specify the maximum distance and or angle between endpoints to prevent joining lines that should not be joined. This command is often used to connect contour lines that have been broken for labels.. This is a very useful command for many purposes.

Breaklines such as curbs, flow lines, islands etc.:

InsertZ allows you to select call out text (to specify an elevation) then select the location along a line to assign the elevation.

Set2Bl - Once all the called out elevations have been assigned, Set2Bl interpolates between the known elevations and assigns elevations to the remaining 2d points taking into account curves and closed lines. The command can also add points to long straight segments and convert arcs to 3d chords for use on a DTM surface.

SetOff is used to create multiple 3d offsets from 3d sets. Up to 9 different 3d offsets can be used and the settings can be saved and recalled by name so that you have a choice of shapes to apply (i.e. curb, curb & gutter, sidewalk, ac dike etc).

Layout3D is a combination of InsertZ, Set2Bl and Setoff however it does not require an existing line. Layout3d allows the user to draw a 3D set by locating the points for the line. It can draw tangent or three point arcs. Once a line has been completed the 2d points are assigned elevations by interpolating between the 3d points then based on the settings, up to nine 3d offsets can be created automatically.

3dPt quickly creates spot elevation points. Select a text object to set the elevation or enter an elevation with point snaps, pick a location and a 3d point is created.


 Quick Facts
 Developed by: Hamilton Programming
 Version: 1.0
 Date added: 17 Sep 2002
 License: $1500  
 Minimum requirements: Terramodel versions 10.0 or higher

For more information please call us at (909) 797-9374

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