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bullet Pad2DTM $500 -
Quickly creates a DTM from Lot lines and text inside each lot.
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bullet 2dContours $600 -
Quickly assign elevations to 2D contours
Online Documentation   

bullet BreakVal - Break a pline within a vertical curve. $50 -
This command breaks a vertical alignment (a pline in the profile view) at a specified station. Vertical curves are broken into two separate curves that maintain the same geometry.
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bullet Filter Plines $250 -
Filters control points along plines.

bullet Join Plines $300 -
Join thousands of plines in minutes. JoinPL connects or joins plines that have endpoints that fall within the user definable distance. This command can join lines using a variety of methods and criteria.
Online Documentation

bullet Slope Label $100 -
Labels slope between two 3D locations in the Plan view.

bullet Layout3D - Draw 3D objects $350 -
Draw complete three-dimensional objects such as curb & gutter, sidewalks and walls with minimal user input.
Online Documentation

bullet LayList - Organize your layers! $150 -
Import, Export, Edit, and Report Layer Lists
Online Documentation

bullet ILL - Isolate LayerList $50 -
*Isolate Layer List: This command sets all layers within a layer list as visible and turns off the visibility of all other layers.
Online Documentation

bullet Insert Elevations into Sets $300 -
Insert elevations into sets or modify the elevation of points that define a set. Especially useful when you have 2d line work with elevations called out by text labels.
Online Documentation

bullet 3D set offsets $300 -
Creates up to nine 3D offsets from existing 3D sets to form three-dimensional structures such as curb & gutter, sidewalks and walls.
Online Documentation

bullet InSet $50 -
*This command reports to the message area which sets within a project include the selected point. It writes the record number, layer, and name of the set(s). It also writes which elements in a set use the point and if it is used as a radius point.
Online Documentation

bullet Convert sets to Breaklines $250 -
Assigns elevations to 2D points within sets by interpolating between known elevations.
Online Documentation

bullet Push Offsets $200 -
Moves or creates points by adjusting their offset from an alignment.

bullet 3dPt - create simple 3D points. $100 -
Create new spot elevation points or modify an existing point elevation easily and quickly.
Online Documentation

bullet OfLines - Selection $25 -
Selects points that define sets that are selected.
Online Documentation   

bullet Offset Multiple $50 -
*This command creates plines or sets that are offset from plines or sets. Each new line is used to offset the subsequent line. Very useful when creating multiple parallel lot lines at different widths.
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If there are other commands that you would like created please let us know using the Contact Us form.

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